Continuous Inkjet vs Thermal Inkjet Labeling News

Thermal Inkjet vs. Inkjet Printers—Which Do You Need, and

The good news is that industrial inkjet printers are able to handle printing on most common surfaces, such as metal, plastic (soft or rigid), and glass. However, as inkjet technology has evolved over the years, new categories have emerged leaving consumers to wonder what the difference is between thermal inkjet vs. inkjet printers. Get price

Labeling Coding News The Labeling, Coding Marking

Jan 11, 2021Jan 11, 2021Labeling Coding at Westpack. August 6, 2021 By david_h. Next week, starting August 10th, is our first in-person tradeshow since the start of the Covid era. Our Labeling Coding brands will be exhibiting, along with other ProMach business lines, at Westpack in Anaheim, CA. We've been busy for the last few weeks getting everything ready and Get price

Date Coders, Date Coding Machines

They may employ continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, laser marking, thermal transfer, or print and apply labeling technology to print codes on products. Date coding with continuous inkjet. In continuous inkjet printing systems, a stream or jet of ink passes through a nozzle in the printhead. Get price

Thermal Printers vs. Inkjet Printers

Thermal transfer printers use a thermal print head to transfer a solid ink from a ribbon onto a label supply (usually made from vinyl, polyester, nylon, or other thicker materials) to produce a permanent print. Ribbon is usually made from wax, resin, or a combination of the two, and is bonded to the label supply surface with heat and pressure. Get price

How Thermal Inkjet Marking Coding Reduces Risk for

How Thermal Inkjet Prints More Legible Coding and Marking. The industry's three primary players in thermal inkjet technology are Funai, HP, and Canon. When compared to CIJ, all three TIJ printing systems excel at printing labels and codes with higher quality. Get price

Laser coding vs inkjet coding

Jul 08, 2020Jul 08, 2020Inkjet In comparison, inkjet is the older technology, but is still the most popular coding solution to date, primarily due to its versatility. With multiple types of inkjet technologies, such as continuous and thermal inkjet, the technology possesses the ability to print a wide variety of fonts, graphics and even barcodes onto almost any Get price

CIJ vs DOD: Breaking Down the Differences

Aug 17, 2021Aug 17, 2021Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers. Thermal inkjet printers. High-resolution piezo printing systems. With all of these different inkjet printer types on the market today, many consumers are left wondering how they differ in build, application abilities, upkeep, and more. To simplify, inkjet printers can be separated into two categories: Those Get price

What are the advantages of TIJ printing over

By comparison, thermal inkjet systems can start and stop almost instantly, offering the convenience of intermittent operation or easy changes. Advantage: TIJ. Ink Throw Distance. There's no question that continuous inkjet systems offer the advantage for ink throw distance (referring to the distance from the printhead to the substrate surface). Get price

Continuous Inkjet vs Thermal Inkjet Printing

Aug 20, 2018Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), the fast-drying, non-contact printing technology has been the preferred method to code and mark packaging for many years. It's ability to print on to virtually any surface at high-speed meant that it was unrivalled for many applications. Until now that is. Get price

Thermal vs Continuous inkjet printing

Jun 01, 2021Inkjet printing emerged in the 20th century, but the best development is the discovery of the Drop On Demand (DOD) technology invented by Zoltan in 1972. DOD technology is more advanced than continuous inkjet printing.And today it provides cleaner printing and production environments that help create a more sustainable future for people and the environment. Get price

Thermal vs. Laser Label Printing

Oct 13, 2011Oct 13, 2011Thermal technology enables you to print single, one-off labels versus sheets of labels. This is one of the essential label printing efficiencies of the technology. In many stores (e.g., groceries, pharmacies), item and shelf labels are preprinted on laser printers as pricing updates and changes are made. Get price

Weber Marking Blog

Nov 02, 2021Nov 02, 2021Weber Marking Blog – Tips, stories news around labeling, marking and coding. Labeling, marking and coding is our job and passion. Discover the exciting world of barcodes, labels and industrial printers within manufacturing and logistics! Thermal vs Continuous inkjet printing – Which is more efficient and sustainable? June 1, Get price

Continuous Inkjet vs Thermal Inkjet Labeling News

May 09, 2018Continuous Inkjet vs Thermal Inkjet. May 9, 2018. For printing variable codes on a wide range of products, continuous inkjet (CIJ) has been the preferred solution for many years – outselling competitive technologies by a wide margin. This Get price

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